BMW and Garage Italia Customs teamed up to show two new versions of the i8 and i3 suited up in a new color concept, CrossFade. It was inspired by the pointillist painting style popular during the fin de siècle period, and utilizes optical color mixing which provide a gradient finish. In this concept the protonic blues and dark silvers were used in order to bring emphasis to the cars’  lines.

Roll out of the CrossFade is set sometime during 2017.


bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-8 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-7 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-6 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-4 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-2 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-5 bmw-cross-fade-paint-job-3